Taiwo Jaiyeoba

Taiwo's Urban Planning Odyssey: Pioneering Innovation and Community Transformation

Embark on Taiwo’s urban planning odyssey, a journey marked by innovation and community transformation. From designing the first Central Business District for a small town and designs of new towns in Botswana, southern Africa to spearheading comprehensive land use plan, transformational mobility network plans and housing solutions in Sacramento, California; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Greenville, South Carolina; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Columbus, Ohio; Winston-Salem, Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina, Taiwo’s leadership has shaped cities, improved lives, and set new standards in urban development excellence.


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About Taiwo

Taiwo Jaiyeoba

Taiwo Jaiyeoba is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience in leadership roles spanning the public and private sectors in the United States. He has a strong background in urban planning, transit development, and city management, contributing significantly to the growth and transformation of various communities throughout his career.

Taiwo Jaiyeoba was born and raised in Nigeria, where he attended Moremi High School in Ife. He went on to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography followed by a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Ife. Later in his career, he enhanced his skills with a certificate in Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World from MIT in 2020.

Taiwo’s professional journey began as a District Physical Planner in Botswana, where he played a pivotal role in designing and developing urban spaces, including the first Central Business District for a city. He then transitioned to the United States, where he served as an Associate City Planner in Sacramento, California, contributing to the city’s comprehensive planning efforts and growth management strategies.

His career progressed as he took on roles such as Director of Planning/Director of Program Management at the Sacramento Regional Transit District, where he managed a $300M, 4.4-mile light rail transit project, Executive Director of Planning and Development in Grand Rapids, where he managed the $40M, 10-mile bus rapid transit project, first in the State of Michigan, and Executive Consultant on several transit projects across multiple states. Notably, he served as the Director of Planning and Assistant City Manager in Charlotte, where he oversaw the development of the award-winning Charlotte Future 2040 comprehensive land use plan, the first one for the city in 40 years, led significant land use initiatives and oversaw a transformational mobility network plan.

In his most recent role as City Manager of Greensboro, Taiwo oversaw the implementation of the award-winning 20-year comprehensive land use plan, GSO2040, and spearheaded innovative initiatives like the 2045 mobility plan, free-fare downtown trolley system, improved compensation for law enforcement, oversaw the strategic framework and innovative housing solutions for homeless residents. He also serves as a board member of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro NC.

News & Articles


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Addressing systemic racism and entrenched inequity has become an imperative for many institutions. Planners are in a unique position to make a big course correction on equity through comprehensive planning — if they embrace the opportunity to lead.

Taiwo Jaiyeoba

2020 Charlottean of the Year: Taiwo Jaiyeoba

“History is fond of repeating itself … unless we alter its course! That’s what I’m committed to as our city’s Planning Director. Take steps to change the historical inequities in the growth and development of our city. #2040Plan”

Interview: Taiwo Jaiyeoba

Charlotte’s city government lacked a permanent planning director for more than three years until Taiwo Jaiyeoba’s first day on the job January 16. (Pronunciation: TIE-woe jah-ee-OH-ba.) He assumed leadership of the department at a time when Charlotte development continues to boom and the city is running behind on an effort to